Superlodges govern the world, and the superlodge Ecclesia governs the Catholic world

The Italian top freemason Giole Magaldi wrote a book about the existence of international superlodges, who govern the world.

The German indepenent researcher Johannes Rothkranz translated it, with explanations and comments, in a series of brochures:

From the latter we quote:

ECCLESIA, “democratic-progressive”, rooted not only in the Vatican, but similar to the Masonic [Jewish] society B’nai B’rith, active on the whole planet, in Catholic world and religious structures [i.e. in the world and religious clergy] as well as in Catholic lay-supported or ecclesiastical associations and movements.

The original lodge is, with exceptions, reserved for priests and prelates. The Latin name means church. The existence of this very special Ur-Loge does not require a long commentary; it confirms everything that we have been preaching incessantly for more than a quarter of a century now, namely: The Church of Vatican II is an anti-Christian construct perfectly taken possession of by Masonry, has nothing in common with the supernatural institution of salvation of the Roman Catholic Church founded by the God-man Jesus Christ but a certain deceptive appearance!

The series can be ordered here:


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