Fr. Vernooy: How I returned to the Mother Church

My return to the Mother Church

My first High Mass – after 37 years in the conciliar church – was on Sunday March 4, 2007 in the St.Antoniuskerk in Zwartemeer. It was an extraordinary experience: God in the center of the Holy Liturgy, the spirit of Worship, the Presence of the Secret, of the Sacred, of Holiness. What a spiritual treasure is expressed in the Traditional Holy Mass, in words, gestures, and signs!

Noteworthy is the colossal distinction between the Catholic Holy Mass and the Novus Ordo with its desacralization and banality, its loss of reverence and worship of the true Presence of our Lord in the Most Blessed Sacrament. It made me feel like coming home in the Mother Church of centuries.

The Holy Mass has sanctified generations of believers, priests, monks, and Catholic families. And yet it still sanctifies us in the Blood of God’s Son.

Is it not a horrible crime of the Novus Ordo church that the feast of the Precious Blood of Christ, which is celebrated July 1, with the rank of Festus Primi Classis (1st class), has been completely wiped out and abolished?

The Novus Ordo religion of the conciliar church will have to prove that it is able to bring believers to holiness. She will not be able to do that, because she herself has no Holiness. Nemo dat quod non habet … No one gives what he does not have. She has no Mercy and Truth (John 1: 14). Then she no longer has valid sacraments. For the Sacrifice of the Cross finds its continuation in the daily Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and from there to the believers in the other sacraments. For this the Sacrifice Priesthood is indispensable.

Without Sacrifice there is no Love. Without Love no Christianity. Reduction or complete neglect of the sacrificial thought leads to the collapse of both. Hence the emptying and decline of church visits, divorces and broken families, resulting in terrible tragedies.

Should one participate in the Novus Ordo Mass? The answer to this is unambiguous: no! What should one do? We still have the house altar where we pray the Mass prayers and … have our sacrifice brought by the Holy Angel (Michael) in Altare, on Your highly elevated Altar, before the Face of Your Divine Majesty, that we may be filled with all the heavenly blessings and mercy. The Catholics in Japan have survived for two hundred years by this practice, without priests, and preserved the Catholic Faith, while believers who now regularly participate in the new Mass, gradually assume a worldly mentality and thus lose the Faith.

The Christian life is a Holy Mass, with ‘foot prayers’ at Baptism, with ‘Gloria’ in the Prayer and Praise of God, with the ‘Gospel’ in the daily Confession of Faith, with Offerings in difficulty and Crosses, transformation through the Grace of God in all vicissitudes of life, Communion through imitation and unification with the beloved Lord and Master, and the ‘Ite Missa est‘ on the deathbed and the Final Gospel at the entry into eternal Life, where we may be face with of the Only Begotten of the Father, full of Grace and Truth. Amen!

H. Vernooy WP

Father Harrie Vernooy

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